Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why Did I Join Young Americans for Liberty?

Hello everyone! Chapter president here, Mackenzie Vieth! In case you haven't read my short bio for this blog, I am the last person some people would expect to join Young Americans for Liberty. When I told my family that I was now president of Young Americans for Liberty at Lindenwood - their first question was "what is that?", their second was "wait, did you say PRESIDENT?" I will admit, I had my doubts myself. I had never been especially involved in anything during my three years of college, and even in high school my extracurriculars were the simply art club and one semester of soccer. But when I met with Anna, my state chair at the time, and now my regional director for Young Americans for Liberty- I slowly realized that I had finally found something I wanted to be involved in...
To make a long story short, Anna messaged me on Facebook and said that she had noticed I had been liking a lot of her posts about the liberty movement and from the Young Americans for Liberty facebook page. She asked me if I would like me to meet for coffee so she could tell me more about it! I didn't realize at the time that she was going to ask me if I would potentially like to be part of starting a chapter of YAL at Lindenwood University. I was flattered, but told her that I didn't really know anything about politics or business - I'm just a religion major. What she told me next really resonated with me... you don't need to be a politics fanatic or a business major to be involved in Young Americans for Liberty, everyone brings a unique perspective to their chapters and you can be just as passionate as political science majors. This is so incredibly true. The message of liberty resonates with SO many people. I had never had a name or a label for what I believed in, and the more I research Young Americans for Liberty after that initial meeting with Anna - the more I thought: "this is it."
I had finally found a movement I was willing to get behind and push forth. I'm not a member Young Americans for Liberty because I needed a resume builder, or a hobby. I am a member of YAL because I believe liberty is something each individual citizen deserves, and I am proud to be one of the thousands of youth activists across the United States that is spreading the message! I've been a chapter president at Lindenwood for only four and a half months, and I've already made lifelong friends and connections - and I haven't even attended a major YAL convention yet! I can hardly wait for what the spring semester has in store for Young Americans for Liberty at Lindenwood. And now Missouri is having it's own state convention in April 2016 for YAL, and I'm a recruitment director who gets to spread the word about how much fun that convention is going to be for everyone!
Want to know more about the mission of Young Americans for Liberty? Check out my previous post on this blog!
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