Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sibley Day Event: The Liberty Hall of Fame

This past week on Tuesday, February 16th, Lindenwood University students and faculty alike celebrated Sibley Day. Every year our campus takes a day to do activities in honor of our founder - Mary Sibley. Each year a theme for Sibley Day is picked, and the theme this year was "Like No Other". This was the perfect opportunity for my members of Young Americans for Liberty and I to talk with students about how our organization specifically makes Lindenwood and college campuses all across the United States like no other!

Since Sibley Day this year was so close to Presidents' Day, we decided to host a Liberty Hall of Fame, which included our founders - many of whom were presidents - and political thinkers and philosophers who were and are the most liberty friendly!

Yes, the posters strapped to our bodies earned us a lot of looks from students. Luckily, our Liberty Hall of Fame wall earned just as many. The quotes next to each portrait sparked a lot of conversations from students and faculty alike. Many familiar faces were on our wall - but just as many liberty friendly political satirists and thinkers were unfamiliar, and hopefully our conversations sparked some google searches that would lead to discovery later for students!
We also had our political quiz out on display, so students could take a quiz to see how liberty friendly their political leanings are - and many students were surprised to learn just how much they agreed with liberty friendly policies once they were given a change to sit down over ten questions and answer basic questions! This is always a fun aspect of our tabling experiences! Even some members of faculty took our quiz and were interested in our display! The great thing about our organization is that liberty is for everyone- students, faculty, family, and parents alike. We had some great conversations with parents about how they loved seeing a political organization on campus that was doing more than hosting debates - we are out on campus doing activism events and talking with students!
It was great to meet students who had already been following our organization on social media on Sibley Day as well. As our presence on campus grows from twelve members to many more - I hope to connect with more students who agree that liberty should be the foremost aspect of our society!
If you specifically have any questions, you can contact us at ! You can also like our Facebook page, and follow us on instagram and twitter for updates on meetings and events!



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